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Caribbean Marine Atlas: Supporting decision-making in the Caribbean Region

Submitted by INVEMAR


Authors: Paula Cristina Sierra-Correa,

Angela Cecilia Lopez-Rodriguez, Francisco A. Arias-Isaza


Caribbean Marine Atlas: Supporting decision-making in the Caribbean Region




Since 2016, Caribbean Marine Atlas CMA has been working on the operationalization of spatial data information by creating an online digital platform to support Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Ecosystem-based Management (EbM) for the major Caribbean ecosystems such as Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystems. The online platform includes three main tools that offer different functionalities. The viewer is the interface on which to display layers, interact, and create new maps. This repository offers thematic layers and maps, and an interesting catalog that contains documents related to geospatial information and external sources information. This latter fulfills the aim of the platform, which is to make it possible for CMA to serve as a repository of reference for marine and coastal environment geospatial information in the Wider Caribbean Region that does not necessarily contain all the data/information but is able to refer visitors to the platform to previously published sources of online information. Furthermore, a set of indicators is being implemented using national data from country partners. Some of these indicators are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and as such serve as a contribution to voluntary national reports.


GeoNode allows the self-government of information through expert users (administrators) trained by at least one country/project partner.


This platform was developed with funds from the Flemish Government, the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange IODE, and the Marine, and Coastal Research Institute INVEMAR. The governance strategy is based on regional coordination that interacts with the National Focal Point of country partners, involved voluntarily. A strategic synergy with the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystems CLME+ project constituted the beginning of a new chapter for the use of GeoNode (technological platform) and geospatial platforms in the region, and for their effective and long-term use to support the governance and management of marine resources at a trans boundary level. As such, projects and agencies are welcome to become partners, uploading data/information and using the Atlas.


The implementation of standards and a protocol for uploading information and implementing IODE's information policy are part of the best practices in spatial information management, which ensure interoperability and endorse the quality of the information.


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CMA community, represented by delegates of national focal points (country partners:

Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Jamaica,

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks & Caicos’), CLME+ project staff,

 IOCARIBE staff, and the Flemish government delegate.


Source: Partnership for Observation of the

 Global Ocean website (


Santa Marta, diciembre 3 de 2019



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