1.  Obtain, store, analyze, study, process, deliver, coordinate and spread basic information on oceanography, marine ecosystems and their resources and processes for knowledge, management and exploitation of marine resources.
  2.  To evaluate the main parameters of ecological-fisheries for the existence of usable species, studying the populations of other marine living resources and the possibility of cultivating those likely to arise.
  3.  To track marine resources of Colombia especially with regard to their extinction, pollution and degradation, for decision-making of environmental authorities. 
  4.  To take on research and studies along with other entities that relate with the setting of parameters on polluted emissions, polluted discharges and other environmental degradation factors that may affect the marine, coastal and insular environment or their renewable natural resources.
  5.  To develop coordination activities with other science institutes linked to the Ministry of Environment and support the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, (IDEAM for its acronym in Spanish) , in the management of information necessary for the establishment of policies, plans, programs and projects as well as indicators and predictive models on the behavior of nature and its processes.
  6.  To coordinate the Environmental Information System in marine and coastal aspects, according to the priorities, standards and guidelines that will be set by the Ministry of Environment and to provide timely information that this, the IDEAM or other requiring corporations determine to be necessary for the community, institutions and the productive sector.
  7.  In agreement with the IDEAM, establish and operate infrastructures for monitoring the conditions and physical-chemical environmental variables within the area of competence of INVEMAR in order to provide information, forecasts, warnings and advisory services to the community.
  8.  In coordination with the Institute of Biological Resources Research "Alexander Von Humboldt "; move on and promote the inventory of Colombian marine flora and fauna and establish collections, databases and studies necessary to strengthen national policies on biodiversity.
  9.  To develop activities and support the Ministry of the Environment in the intersectorial coordination of information and its management; for the establishment of indicators and predictive models on the relationships between different economic and social sectors and coastal and marine ecosystems and their processes and resources.
  10.  To serve in coordination with the IDEAM as an organism of connection for the Ministry of Environment in terms of establishing National Environmental Accounts in aspects related to resources and marine and coastal ecosystems.
  11.  To Collaborate with the Ministry of Environment, the Autonomous Regional Corporations , the Corporation for Sustainable Development and major urban centers, in the definition of the variables that must be considered in the environmental impact assessments of projects, works or activities affecting seas, coasts and their resources.
  12.  Collaborate in studies of global change and in all those activities set by the Ministry of the Environment in the development of international environmental policies.
  13.  Bring the representation of Colombia before international organizations in the areas of competence, upon delegation of the National Government. Support the Ministry for the fulfillment of commitments and development activities, resulting from the participation of Colombia in international organizations on matters within its competence.
  14.  To collaborate with the Ministry, according to regulations on the matter that is being issued and in the area of competence so that the studies, explorations and research that natives and foreigners take on focused on the environment and renewable natural resources respect the sovereignty and national rights of  Colombia over their genetic resources.
  15.  To investigate and propose alternative models of sustainable development for the marine and coastal environment.
  16.  To produce according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment, an annual report on the state of the nature and the marine and coastal environment.
  17.  To provide advice and scientific and technical support to the Ministry, local authorities and corporations. 
  18.  To collaborate with the Colombian Commission of Oceanography and the National Science and Technology System in the development of their activities. 
  19.  To coordinate with INGEOMINAS in the areas of competence of INVEMAR, providing geological information and in particular information pertaining to the National Bank of Hydrogeological Data.
  20.  To evaluate new techniques and technologies whose use is intended to be implemented in the country, in terms of their potential environmental impacts.
  21.  Enter into contracts and agreements with natural and legal persons, public or private, national or foreign, including non-profit organizations for the fulfillment of the objectives and functions assigned by law, the present Decree and complementary standards.
  22.  Any other function necessary in the fulfillment of any objectives will be stated in the statutes.