Marine Instrumentation Laboratory -  LABIMA


The marine bioprospecting laboratory (LabBIM) is part of the program for the Evaluation and Use of Marine and Coastal Resources (VAR) of INVEMAR. The LabBIM develops research activities related with the search of substances and molecules from marine organisms and microorganisms with potential biological activity for its application in health, industry and environment (bioremediation).


The LabBIM accounts with an interdisciplinary professional group like microbiologists, biologists, engineers and chemists.


Biochemistry and Microbiology area 

This area is equipped with laminar flow cabinets, incubators, microscopes, orbital agitators, among other tools and equipment necessary for the isolation, maintenance, conservation of strains, phenotypic characterization and conducting of biodirigid tests.


Chemistry of Marine Natural Products area 

The extraction and purification of substances and bioactive molecules from the organisms and microorganisms in study is made in this area. Besides, it has two isolate subareas, one for the extraction, purification and amplification of DNA and the other for microalgae cultures.


Wet area

This is a support area with filtration, aeration and aquariums systems ideal for the maintenance of marine organisms and the conduction of biological activity assays with them.