Who are we?


To carry out basic and applied scientific research based on natural renewable resources and marine and coastal ecosystems, which is of national interest. The purpose is to gather necessary scientific knowledge to formulate policies, make decisions and to elaborate plans and projects that will help us in the development of; the management of sustainable resources, the recovery of marine and coastal ecosystems, and to improve the quality of life of Colombians through the rational implementation of the scientific capacity of the Institute and its articulation with other public and private entities.



To be a scientific institution of excellence, well-known at both the national and international levels because of its high quality and leadership in applied and basic scientific research, and for its commitment to the use of sustainable marine and coastal resources. INVEMAR must be shaped by a compromised human group, highly qualified, and with ethical values that will contribute to the improvement of quality of life for Colombians.



  • Give scientific and technical advice to the National Environmental System (Sistema Nacional Ambiental; SINA for its acronym in Spanish)
  • Carry out basic and applied research of renewable natural resources, marine and coastal ecosystems; with an emphasis on diversity and productivity systems such as: coastal lagoons, mangroves, sea-grass beds, coral reefs, upwelling zones; sedimentary depths among others.
  • Emit technical concepts on the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal ecosystems.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Environment and Suitable Development; according to their standards and guidelines on the promotion, creation and coordination of a network of marine research, in order to strengthen national capacities, join efforts and rational use of scientific capabilities available in different marine and coastal entities in Colombia.
  • Comply with the objectives established by the System of Environmental Research in the area of competence.
  •  Other objectives will be provided by law and established by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development.


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