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Colombia 50% Sea

Publicado el 20-10-2010, 02:09 PM

Colombia 50% Sea

Broadly speaking, Colombia has a maritime jurisdictional area that is as large as its land territory (mainland and islands), hence the origin of the corporate motto: Colombia 50% Mar.

The determination of the marine area is estimated taking into account the official map of Colombia published in 2002 by the Codazzi (IGAC). It sets the current boundary lines, except for sites that do not yet have a defined “limit”. In the extreme case of Venezuela, assuming a straight line from Castilletes to the point on the official map designated as "Marine Areas Delimitation process by the high commissioners appointed by the governments of Colombia and Venezuela, and even to a point located at latitude 15 18 '00 "north and longitude 69 29' 30" West determined in the "AGREEMENT ON DEFINITION OF MARINE AREAS AND UNDERWATER AND MARITIME COOPERATION BETWEEN THE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC" 1978. Likewise, assuming a straight line according to the official map published by the IGAC to define the border with Ecuador based on "DELIMITATION CONVENTION OF UNDERWATER AND MARINE AREAS AND MARITIME COOPERATION BETWEEN THE REPUBLICS OF COLOMBIA AND ECUADOR" and including common regimen area of Colombia Jamaica.

According to the above definition, the approximate area of marine territory is 892.118 Km2, some have referred to 988,000 km2 (Colciencias-DNP-CCO, 1980) others 929,000 Km2 (Fandino, 2000). However, the direct influence of the sea covers all coastal and insular areas of Colombia, understanding as coastal the strip of land stretching from the coast to 5 km inland (15,200 km2), to what it´s necessary to add areas as el espejo lunar de la Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta (450Km2 approximately), the swamp of Majorca, the swamp of Tesca etc. The land area is 1,139,951 (IDEAM, IGAC IAvH, Invemar, I. Sinchi and IIAP. 2007).

Estimating a percentage, we can see that the marine territory is close to 50% (Between 44 and 47% depending on the numbers you use). The purpose of this slogan is mainly to draw attention to the dimension of our marine territory (roughly equivalent to the land), not to fix the exact time percentages.

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