Marine Instrumentation Laboratory - LABIMA


The Marine Instrumentation Laboratory - LabIMA supports the objectives of the Marine Geosciences Program as well as the different research programs of INVEMAR. Also works directly with the Scientific Services Coordination - CSC in baseline studies, environmental impact assessments and monitoring in different coastal marine environments, which are necessary for the research projects and environmental consultancies developed by INVEMAR.


LabIMA is habilitated with highly qualified personnel for the development of sedimentological analysis, operation and maintenance of oceanographic equipment. It is projected as a platform for technological development in marine instrumentation that supports the development of research activities of INVEMAR.


Marine instrumentation area

LabIMA is responsible for the custody, maintenance and loan of oceanographic equipment such as multiparametric sondes, current profilers, lagrangian buoy, tide gauges, among others instruments as well as geophysical equipment and coastal topography such as side scan sonar, subottom profiler, differential (GPS) equipment, topographical station, laser scanner system and equipment for coastal hydrogeology. Additionally it has rosette samplers, Niskin bottles, multicorer, corer piston, for sampling water and marine sediments. It has portable and fixed meteorological stations that register the meteorological conditions during the samplings.


Sedimentology area

LabIMA also has a ¿¿sedimentology area that offers the services of sediment analysis such as granulometry, calcimetry, mineralogy, organic matter and mineral coal by gravimetry, all of them framed in the quality management system of INVEMAR. It has the necessary staff and equipment for the development of the mentioned analytical processes.