Legal framework

INVEMAR is a civil non-profit corporation governed by the rules of private law and space for their internal bylaws, under the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development; in accordance with the provisions of Article 18  Law 99 of 1993 and Regulatory Decree 1276 of 1994, as part of what is regulated by Law 29 of 1990 on Science and Technology and Law 393 of 1991 Decree, whose primary mission - is to carry out basic and applied research of renewable natural resources and the environment, marine ecosystems and oceans adjacent  to - national territory. Furthermore, emit technical concepts and provide scientific advice and support to the Ministry, local authorities and Regional Autonomous Corporations with jurisdiction of the coastal zones.


Invemar Statutes 

Define legal nature, purpose, functions, members; capital income and income; functions of the general assembly, the board, the director and the scientific council.




Law 99 of 1993

By which the Ministry of Environment is created thus reorganizing the public sector responsible for environmental management and organizes the National Environmental System.



Unique Regulatory Decree 1076 of 2015

Decree composed of the rules of the natural environment and the Sector for Sustainable Development, which includes decree 1276 of 1994 on the organization and restructuring of INVEMAR, with regard to the Book II, Part 2, Title 8, Chapter 7, Section 6 items to


Law 29 of 1990

States the provisions for promoting scientific research and technological development.





Decree 393 of 1991

Laws for associations involved in scientific and technological activities.

Decree 1600 of 1994

Regulates the National Environmental System (SINA)