Social Responsibility

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    El INVEMAR tiene nexos con instituciones educativas del mas alto nivel en ciencias del mar y es la academia latinoamericana en ciencias del mar de la estratégia COI-UNESCO.

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    Cooperación Nacional

    Cooperación Nacional

    Apoyamos al Sistema Nacional Ambiental, aportando las bases cientifica y fortaleciendo su capital humano, elementos esenciales para la correcta gestión de los recursos marinos y costeros del pais.

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    INVEMAR en el mundo

    INVEMAR en el mundo

    En el ámbito internacional, participamos activamente en proyectos de investigación y en acciones que buscan enfrentar y minimizar el impacto que sobre mares y oceanos tienen las actividades antropicas y/o los desastres de origen natural.

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Our compromise with social responsibility




INVEMAR expresses its commitment with its stakeholders through dialogue, the development of various activities, the fulfillment of the objectives and measuring the impact of its management. INVEMAR also aims for the development of Sustainable Resources to contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems, thus, improving the quality of life of its workers, their families, communities, and other stakeholders.


In its commitment to its workers, INVEMAR ensures compliance with existing legal requirements related to linking workers in regards to age, legal minimum wage, statutory benefits, and maximum legal working days, among others.


In addition, procedures and programs that ensure equality among its employees regarding the recruitment, hiring, integral development and welfare of its workers are established.



Relations with our stakeholders


+++++To interact with our stakeholders we have a system of citizen services, including care of questions, suggestions, complaints and compliments (PSQF) and also chats and forums. The administrator of these services must present a biannual report, where they state the results of operation and in addition they must present on a quarterly basis a report made by the indicators of compliance in response times with the PSQF system.








Cosisting og institutions of national government that have interaction with the INVEMAR.

Tend for the national development through the contribution to science and care of the Marine and Coastal Resources.


Institute's highest authority responsible for establishing policies and general guidelines which should guide the Institute in accordance with legal regulations.

Ensure compliance with established policies and general guidelines in accordance with the rules and laws.


Upper body in charge of evaluating the management of the General Directorate and foster compliance with the general policies and plans needed to be developed by the Institute, in accordance with the provisions of the General Assembly.

To foster compliance with the guidelines and objectives established for the development of the Institute's mission.


Workers: staff employed by INVEMAR.                           Family: direct family members of workers.

Provide the maximum level of their skills and capabilities to ensure compliance with the objectives and goals.              Create wealth and confort in family relationships.


People who live in the meighborhoods surrounding th institute.

Respect for human rigths of communities.


Natural or legal persons with which INVEMAR has business relationships.

Ensure compliance with the requirements necessary for customer satisfaction.


Consisting of natural or legal persons who provide goods or services.

Legal compliance with trade agreements and agreed obligations.




Social commitment


At Invemar we promote the improvement of low-income schools by donating chairs and other items useful to their campuses; we support the management of foundations through the donation of toners and devices such as engines, blowers and air conditioners, and we support recycling activities..


In addition, we maintain a relationship with our employees and their families through recreational and leisure activities, trade shows and health conferences to ensure the improvement of the quality of life of our employees.




Commitment with the environment




In Invemar we promote sustainable actions in the proper handling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste through recycling campaigns and the location of Eco points.


In addition, we started a campaign to collect batteries, which saves energy and water.


Through recycling we have supported social campaigns that save lives, which is why that by 2014, 95 kilograms of caps were delivered to the Healing Foundation (Fundación Sanar) as support for children with cancer.