Marine and Coastal Research Institute
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Colombia 50% Ocean

Date 25.11.2022


MinAmbiente, INVEMAR y otras entidades del sector...

Del 22 al 24 de noviembre en la sede principal de INVEMAR en Santa Marta, se dieron cita diferentes entidades del Sistema Nacional Ambiental y de otros sectores conectados con el Ambiente para conmemorar los 25 años del Manejo Integrado de Zonas Costeras en Colombia, un tema adoptado por el país...


Our Work

We carry out basic and applied research of marine ecosystems of national interest in order to provide the scientific knowledge necessary for the formulation of policies, the decision making and the development of plans and projects for the sustainable management of resources, the recovery of the marine and coastal environment and the improvement of the quality of life of Colombians. We have 4 research programs and 2 coordinations as a basis for scientific operations

SIAM Marine Environmental Information System

Data, documents, cartography and other support information resources for research on marine and coastal management...

Subsystem of Marine Protected Areas SAMP

Promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biodiversity in the Caribbean and Pacific regions through the design and implementation of a subsystem of marine protected Areas.


Colombia´s Marine Natural History Museum Makuriwa

Marine and coastal organism collection resulting from research activities carried out to characterise and inventory Colombia´s marine biodiversity...


We are an organisation that generates knowledge aiming to contribute to a better understanding and use of marine resources. To this purpose, we take action and implement channels to promote, and transfer knowledge, methods and techniques, singlehandedly working with authorities and environmental organisations at a national, regional and/or global level.

  • Academia



    INVEMAR has very strong ties with the highest level Marine Science Education Institutions and is the Latin American Marine Science Academy for the COI-UNESCO strategy.

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  • invemar-cooperación Nacional

    National Cooperation

    National Cooperation

    We support the National Environmental System contributing to its scientific basis and strengthening its human capital, both crucial elements for the adequate management of the Country’s marine and coastal resources.

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  • invemar

    INVEMAR in the world

    Invemar in the world

    In the international field, we actively take part in research programmes and actions aiming to tackle and minimise the impact from anthropic activities and natural disasters on seas and oceans.

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